Our laboratory has innovated application of the zebrafish model toward the study of human craniofacial anomalies, contributing recent papers on zebrafish cleft models and cranial neural crest lineage maps. We study the basic and translational biology of facial morphogenesis, cranial neural crest specification and development.

The work of our scientists will have a direct bearing on discovery of drugs to mitigate malformation phenotypes and functional genomics of human candidate genes implicated in orofacial clefts. We are also inherently interested in the basic biology of neural crest cell specification, migration, differentiation and potential for regeneration. We integrate the approaches of classical developmental and modern stem cell biology and use these to explore human tissue regeneration and disease.

Alx1 EMBO cover 2021
Fish jaw fluorescence microscopy


  • Breast reconstruction outcomes

  • Cleft care, fetal diagnosis and congenital personal medicine

Zebrafish craniofacial development


  • Cranial neural crest biology

  • High throughput functional analysis of candidate genes implicated in facial morphogenesis

  • Neural crest biology of craniofacial development

  • Tissue engineering and vascularized constructs

  • Zebrafish models of cleft lip and palate malformation

  • Wnt signaling in craniofacial development